They do the worst work, there is no follow up and don't close their loans. They do not return phone calls.

They say they are FHA approved unsupervised, but they are not. Basically they are habitual liars that are trying to take your money. On top of that, they do not pay their loan officers. Find a reputable lender to work with.

Robert Gonzalez Jr. should have his license revoked by the California Department of Real Estate.

The Los Angeles District Attorney should also be looking at their business practices.

They operate under the names of Cimax Home Mortgae, Rokitto Enterprises and Dinero Financial.

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i worked for him for almost 4 weeks only paid me for 2 and he removed his numbers and will not answer any of my calls he is a scam artist

Tijuana, Baja California, Mexico #1077329

Robert , what ever happened with your people here in tijuana.

We worked for you , and then you just disappeared on us.

Sylmar, California, United States #923770

Thanks for your help rokitto. You were the only person who was able to help refinance my home.

I had mortgage lates on my credit report that was erroneous information that was being reported by the credit companies. Thanks

Fresno, California, United States #922718

Robert is a lying son of a B*tch, Him and Alphonso Tavera are a bunch of liars. Alphonso works deals thru roberts name posing as Robert.

Robert owes me money for more than 4 years. I've been very loyal to this gentlemen but i have to pay my bills and i can no longer trust someone that tells me he will pay me next weeks because he already had to back pay previous people he owed money too.

Sylmar, California, United States #911323

Thanks for

Closing my loan

to President Obama Sylmar, California, United States #923771

Obama I think you refinanced the whitehouse with countrywide home loans whith stated income.


I will be Taking Robert Gonzalez Jr. to Small Claims Court for the $13,000 He owes for Broker Loan Origination that has been owed since 2010.

Robert keeps saying I will pay for sure next deal for the past 4 years. I agree he should not have the ability to Broker Loans.

I will write a rebuttle once I'm Paid. Not holding my Breath.

to Anonymous Sylmar, California, United States #923772

Small claims max claim is 10k. Statue of limitations is 4 years

Riverside, California, United States #661796

Do not call these people. They are not aerious.

I made an appointment with Armando. My husband and I drove on a Saturday from Riverside. We were running late because of traffic, called Armando to let him know. He said had no problem waiting.

When we got there 15minutes later, he said sorry but he could not take us anymore. He could have said that before and we would not have driven for 1 hour and a half.By the way Armando offer to pay for the gas which we thought sounded unprofessional after having drive all the way to L.A. The following Monday somebody called us back apologizing and said they'd come and meet with me and my husband at our house in Riverside.

They never called back. Obvioulsly their level of honesty is very questionable!


Let me guess. You're a Non-NMLS Licensed DRE Licensee that wanted to make more money.

I've dealt with all of you that are like that. It seems that none of you get the point. I know that you want to make more money, but being greedy is no way to do it. Closing more loans and keeping your pipeline active is key.

If you would focus all your time on closing loans rather than complaining on this website you wouldn't be in the situation you're in. It's simple, but you'd rather take up my time. You know who you are.

Please keep your negativity to yourself. Thank you.


to In Re: IKNOWTHEM Los Angeles, California, United States #642952

Rick, once Robert has no use for you, you will be the next person posting on this site. Watch your back and make sure you always get paid. He is not honest person he pretends to be....


I know these people and don't have nothing good to tell you about except t0 stay away from them and it's a matter of time before they get shut down. Whatever comes up eventually must come down.


Grow up people! Seriously?

Fannie Mae posted here? lol. Yeah, that's really the owner of Fannie Mae commenting on this thread. As for the "April Lopez" that supposedly said that we hacked the website for Iconresidential.com now that's a bunch of BS.

I have over 15 years working with computers and I can't even do that. Yeah we actually earned that. We have an award for funding the company that funded the MOST loans last year.

Like I said. Grow up :)


he offered to help me with my mortgae since my home is underwater.

harp 2.0 what a bunch of bs


Lets close more loans


Second time doing a mortgage with Rokitto Enterprises and I have been completely satisfied on both occasions. Gracias Roberto


This was the best mortgage loan experience ever! It was quick and easy with a great rate and reasonable! Thanks Robert


I am very extremely impressed by the Rokitto Enterprises team. Top Notched; informative; outstanding customer service..


This has been the easiest process we've ever had with a loan or mortgage. Robert and team did a great job !!! Very happy with our decision to go with Rokitto Enterprises.


I have been extremely happy with Robert always has time for all my questions, he is very knowledgeable.

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